sleepy grumpy man boy
Anonymous said: I want to cum in your hair

dude these messages aren’t cute and inevitably they end with me turning anon off so like don’t ruin the fun for everyone just chill

Anonymous said: Despite what you seem to think about the size of your dick, you always seem to have a pretty impressive bulge going on, man.

yeh it’s not that small it’s pretty average just kinda boring

Anonymous said: Do you think you'd still have those amazing legs even if you were not fat in the past?

no and i thank old fat me every single day

Anonymous said: The shift you most omfg reubens


Anonymous said: I'll dry your butt with my tongue

dry it with your face and asphyxiate 

Anonymous said: Do you think you and Kyle annehathawillannehathaway would end up banging each other's brains out if you ever met?

i want to say yes to feed your fantasy but probs not i quite like my brain sometimes

Anonymous said: I always see posts on my dash like "oh reuben would like that" but then I'm like "oh yeah, he doesn't follow me" so I wallow on my bed in sadness

if they’re on your dashboard how am i supposed to see them by following you this makes no sense 

Anonymous said: what is your stance on fingering?

cut your nails then go to town

Anonymous said: has anyone you know irl said something about your blog? what if a person you work with follows you?

some people irl have and if someone from work followed me i would be fine with that most of them are following me on twitter anyway and anything i say here i would be comfortable saying there 

Anonymous said: Why don't you reply to nice anons

no i don’t really, i feel that’s quite a conceited thing to do - also, i don’t usually believe the nice things, but i do appreciate the messages all the same. 

Anonymous said: Why do you hate Perez Hilton?

he’s a low life scumbag and is somehow richer than me because of it like byeee

Anonymous said: Invite Andrew over and let him take the picture

andrew did you send this

Anonymous said: james franco looks a lot like you in that picture

bless you angel good things are gonna happen to you

Anonymous said: no sugar daddies?

the only dad with money there was my dad so no

Anonymous said: the only porn i need is your /tagged/me

well then